We are an independent and impartial utilities broker based in Glasgow and procure business energy contracts, for a range of sectors, throughout the UK.


Energy for Less was established by owner Scott McMillan. Having been involved with the running of several successful businesses over the years, Scott has always been aware of how vital it is for any business to control their costs. For many businesses, utilities bills are one of biggest costs, and for many, where the biggest savings lie.

Knowing how time consuming and confusing managing the process can be, the idea for Energy for Less was born. A business specifically to provide genuine support and savings to other businesses. It takes time to develop great relationships with energy suppliers, and that’s exactly what we’ve done here at Energy for Less. 

So, what do we do exactly?

We offer a full personal and professional service in procuring contracts for your business electricity, gas and water. No call centres, no unnecessary jargon.

You’ll deal directly with our advisors, who will manage every aspect of your utility contracts from beginning to end, and the business energy contract renewal process on an ongoing basis. So once your set up with Energy for Less, you don’t need to worry ever again about your business paying too much for utilities, as we’ll always be on hand to make sure you have the best option available for you. Not only that, but we also offer a free billing health check to identify possible savings and any rebates that may be due. We can also handle billing disputes with power companies.

Impartial Advice

As experienced negotiators, we have access to rates from all the UK power companies which allows us to find the best energy prices across a very competitive market, whether it be for business electricity, gas or water. We’re not just tied to one supplier, meaning our advice is truly impartial. Our knowledge and existing relationships make the contract renewal process quicker and simpler for you, the customer, saving you time, money and providing peace of mind that the process has been expertly monitored and managed throughout.

We don’t do jargon.

Instead, we present your options in a clear and easy format for you to understand quickly. In short, we remove the hassle, allowing you to get on with running your business.

While utilities may be dull to some, we love what we do, and know the industry inside out. We’ll help you make sense of unit rates, standing charges and ‘Climate Change Levy’ to make sure you get a competitive energy contract that’s right for you. 

Don’t forget the best bit – our service is free of charge!

So really, what’s stopping you? It’s time to get in touch!