At Energy for Less, we ensure that your business benefits from the best prices from the wholesale market.

Corporate contracts can be secured up to 12 months in advance, therefore accurate market intel is essential in the buying process. This information, along with our experience and access to prices from all corporate energy suppliers, enable us to deal with the complex buying process on your behalf. Our better value corporate electricity and gas bills have already helped businesses save thousands. If you'd like to speak to our specialist corporate advisors, get in touch

Am I a corporate customer?

You become a corporate customer if you use over a certain amount of power or gas. It’s a slightly different process than an SME, but that’s not for you to worry about. We’ll let you know which category you fall into, and take the right action for you.

Corporate Gas

Corporate gas accounts demand good timing and negotiating when sourcing the most competitive rates for your business. Rates for corporate gas are calculated by each power supplier on a bespoke basis. Energy for Less will contact all relevant UK Gas suppliers and negotiate the best bespoke rate for your commercial business gas contract. We will compare the gas market, present your options in an easy to understand presentation, and advise when would be the best time to sign a contract. 

Half Hourly Electricity

If your premises have a half hourly electricity meter, the Electricity suppliers price the meter from information taken from that meter over the previous 12 months to get an accurate understanding of consumption. We prepare tender requests for our clients which include this information, to achieve the best contract suited to their needs. 

Contract Management

As with every contract Energy for Less procures, we manage the process from beginning to end, saving you time and effort, all free of charge. We will monitor the progress of your contract throughout its duration, and ensure a smooth and hassle free renewal year after year, giving you the peace of mind that your business utilities will always be in hand and you’ll always be getting the best prices for your business.


Corporate energy requirements can be complicated to manage. Our Energy For Less specialist advisors will undertake the process of managing the costs and bills, understand the needs of your organisation or network of businesses and seek the most cost effective delivery of business utilities for you.