save on business water bills


Business water invoices have several component charges, which can make them difficult to understand. That’s where we come in. Energy for Less streamlines the process so that you can make an informed decision, allowing your business to benefit from the business water contract which is more often than not, cheaper than existing suppliers. 

Save with a meter

There are currently two ways the Scottish Water industry works out your water bill. If your business premises have a water meter, the invoices and water charges are calculated from meter readings. However, if a premises does not have a water meter, then the invoices and water charges are based on the rateable value of the property. In this case, charges can fluctuate dramatically, so we’d recommend considering the installation of a water meter, as this could benefit your business greatly. But don’t worry, we can help with that too.


We find your perfect match

We have access to a comprehensive panel of business water suppliers, as well as the knowledge of the industry, allowing us to compare the market on your behalf to get the most competitive business water prices. We’ll then advise on whether to change suppliers or stay with existing, and if a water meter would benefit the rates that your business is charged for water.

Did you know…?

Since 2008, all business premises in Scotland have had the freedom to choose their business water supplier. However, most businesses still have reviewed their supplier, meaning they are potentially paying too much for their water. Think it’s time you checked out your water supplier? Get in touch!