I don’t understand my water invoice – can you help?

Of course. Water invoices are made up of several component charges and can be confusing. Please email us your enquiry and we will explain how it is made up.

Our water invoices seem to show far more usage than other similar properties – how can this be?

It may be that you have equipment running more than other properties or maybe you have a leak somewhere after the meter. You should get a plumber to check your water appliances, as a leak can be very expensive over the course of a year if it goes undetected.

There is no water meter at our premises – how do we get billed?

If there is no meter, the charges are based on your rateable value. If you believe that you would benefit from having a water meter, please contact Scottish Water who will arrange for an assessment. Please note that this may be chargeable.

How much do you charge for changing supplier?

Nothing. Our service to you is free of charge, are we are paid a commission for the supplier. 

How long does it take to change supplier?

Providing you are not in contract already, a transfer should be completed in around 4 weeks.

Can any business in Scotland choose their water supplier?

Yes; as long as you are not in contract with another supplier and there is no debt on your account then you are free to change supplier.